Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tuscan Coffee cake - Toskanisches Hefebrot

I'm participating in the Avid Baker's Challenge for the first time. Haana is baking her way through the King Arthur Flour website, and asking her fellow bakers to bake with her. This month's challenge was a Tuscan Coffee Cake. I had fun, baking this bread. It's a easy, straightforward bread recipe with a starter build the day before baking. The recipe worked pretty much the way it's written. I omitted the topping, though.

I have no idea, why anyone would call that a cake. It's not even remotely a cake, but a bread. A good tasting bread, though, which makes a terrific french toast. Next time I would bake it in a standard bread loaf form to cut it into nice slices for french toast.

Das erste Mal nehme ich an der Avid Baker's Challenge teil. Haana is baking her way through the King Arthur flour website, und lädt befreundete Bäcker ein, ihr dabei zu folgen. Diesen Monat war das Thema : Toskanisches Hefebrot. Ich habe es mit Brot übersetzt, weil das ergebniss nicht das geringste mit Kuchen (  cake ) zu tun hat, sondern ein Hefebrot mit Früchten ist. Ein leckeres. Am besten hat es mir geschmeckt, wenn ich aus den Scheiben French Toast gemacht habe.

This cake / bread makes the best French Toast ! - Das Brot ist prima für einen leckeren French Toast

-=========  REZKONV-Recipe - RezkonvSuite v1.4

     Title: Tuscan coffeecake
Categories: Baking, Bread, Sweet, Italy
     Yield: 8 Servings

============================ STARTER ============================
      1       cup  King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour or
                   -- European-Style Flour
    1/2       cup  Cool water
   1/16     teasp. Instant yeast

============================= DOUGH =============================
                   All of the starter
    2/3       cup  Water
  2 3/4      cups  King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour or
                   -- European-Style Flour
    1/4       cup  (1/2 stick) butter
      1     large  Egg
      2   tablesp. Sugar
      2     teasp. Instant yeast
  1 1/4     teasp. Salt

============================ FILLING ============================
      1       cup  Toasted walnuts, very coarsely chopped
    3/4       cup  Chopped dates
    3/4       cup  Raisins, golden preferred
                   ( Ralph : I used 1/3 c prunes, 2/3 c cherries
                   -- and 1/3 c cranberries. all soaked in rum for
                   -- 1 hour )

============================ TOPPING ============================
      2   tablesp. Sugar
    1/2     teasp. Vanilla
      1     teasp. Water

============================ SOURCE ============================
            King Arthur,, December 30, 2003
            -- Edited *RK* 01/06/2014 by
            -- Ralph Knauth

I developed this recipe after enjoying a wonderful yeast-raised
Tuscan-style coffeecake at Pane E Salute, a lovely Italian bakery in
Woodstock, Vermont. This high-rising yeasted coffeecake is
surprisingly tender. The sugar topping drizzled on top before baking
gives it a pretty, crunchy sugar glaze. And, unlike American-style
coffeecakes, this isn't super-sweet; the glaze on top, and the fruit
inside, are a wonderful complement to the bread itself, which truly
isn't sweet at all. My son, an avowed hater of desserts and all
things sweet, finds this a palatable substitute for birthday cake.

Starter : Mix the starter ingredients in a small (about 1-quart)
bowl, and let rest overnight at room temperature.

Combine the dough ingredients, mixing and kneading to form a smooth,
supple dough ( Ralph : 5 min ). It'll be very slack; for this reason,
I suggest kneading in a bread machine, or with a mixer, rather than
by hand. Place the dough in a bowl, and let it rise about 1 hour. It
may not double in bulk; that's OK.

Gently deflate the dough, and knead the nuts and fruit into it.
Shape the dough into a flat ball, and place it in a 9-inch round
cake pan. Cover the pan with a proof cover or lightly greased
plastic wrap, and allow the loaf to rise for 30 minutes, or till it
barely crests over the top of the pan.

Combine the sugar, vanilla and water, and drizzle this mixture over
the top of the risen coffeecake. Bake it in a preheated 350°F oven
for 35 minutes, or until it's golden brown and the internal
temperature registers 190°F. Remove it from the oven, and after 5
minutes, carefully turn it out of the pan. Allow it to cool on a
rack. Yield: 1 cake, about 8 to 10 servings.

Ralph. Good. Terrific French Toast. I soaked the dried fruit in rum
for a hour, before adding to the dough.


==========  REZKONV-Rezept - RezkonvSuite v1.4

     Titel: Toskanisches Hefebrot
Kategorien: Backen, Brot, Suess, Hefe, Obst
     Menge: 12 Portionen

============================ STARTER ============================
    150     Gramm  Mehl Typ 405
    117     Gramm  Wasser, kalt
    0,3     Gramm  Trockenhefe

=========================== HAUPTTEIG ===========================
                   Den gesamten Starter
    140     Gramm  Wasser
    400     Gramm  Mehl Typ 405
     56     Gramm  Butter
      1      groß. Egg
     30     Gramm  Zucker
      8     Gramm  Trockenhefe
      8     Gramm  Salz

============================ FÜLLUNG ============================
      1     Tasse  Walnüsse, geröstet, grob gehackt
    3/4     Tasse  Datteln, gehackt
    3/4     Tasse  Rosinen
                   ( Ralph : Habe 50 g Pflaumen, 75 g Kirschen und
                   -- 30 g Cranberries genommen, alle 1 Stunde in
                   -- Rum eingeweicht )

============================ QUELLE ============================
            King Arthur,, December 30, 2003
            -- Erfasst *RK* 06.01.2014 von
            -- Ralph Knauth

Für den Starter : Alle Zutaten mischen, über Nacht zugedeckt bei
Raumtemperatur stehen lassen

Am nächsten Tag alle Teigzutaten mischen und einen elastischen Teig
kneten, ca. 5 min. 1 Stunde gehen lassen, er wird sich
wahrscheinlich nicht ganz verdoppeln.

Den teig auf eine leicht bemehlte arbeitsplatte geben, glattdrücken.
Die Nüsse und Trockenobst unterkneten, Teig zu einem Ball formen,
kurz ruhen lassen. Dann in eine runde Backform ( 24 cm Durchmesser )
geben. Zugedeckt 30 Minuten gehen lassen oder bis der teig gerade
eben die Oberkante der Form erreicht.

Im auf 175°C aufgeheizten Ofen ca. 35 Minuten backen. Teigprobe
machen. Kurz in der form abkühlen lassen, dann herausnehmen und
komplett auskühlen lassen.



  1. Wow is that gorgeous!!! I am making this and I know my family will love it! Your baking never ceases to amaze me!

  2. Lovely cake - I make the same thing, but I use walnuts and dates. It makes the very nicest toast!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog, Adri :) I like dates, alot, actually. Sadly, i'm the only one in the family ...

  4. I love the way you baked this bread (not a cake by any means I agree) in a bundt pan. It looks even more festive and delicious.

    1. Thank you, Lien :) The next time, though, I probably bake it in a bread loaf pan, so it's easier to cut slices for French Toast :)

  5. It's definitely a bread but yours does look like a lovely cake baked in the kugelhoph pan. I agree that it makes excellent French toast!

    1. Thank you, Zosia. Bread or cake, it tastes very good, either way :)

  6. Zuerst, herzlichen wilkommen! I really love the Gugelkopf shape of this cake/bread :) It makes it very festive looking. You're the second person in our group to make French toast with leftovers. Will have to try that (I froze my leftovers).

    1. Thank you, Hanaa, for a great challenge. Can't wait for the next one ;)

  7. Ralph what a bread. Loved your French toast. And dry fruits soaked in rum!!

  8. That looks so great Ralph! I wish I'd thought of the rum!