Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dining out - Vesta

Tonight, we went out for dinner to say Good Bye to Anke, before she's heading back to Corvallis, Oregon for College. We choose Vesta, in Redwood City, which serves some salads, small plates and pizza. The place is small, with a couple tables outside and some more in the open dining room. It's somewhat loud, when crowded, with very attentive, quick and knowledgeable service. The menu is small, with 4 salads, 6 small plates and 10 or 12 pizza, white and red. Plus 3 or 4 specials. Reasonable priced, the most expensive dish is $ 20. We choose 2 specials as appetizers, seared brussel sprouts with speck in a balsamic reduction and braised pears with burrata, and two pies, one red, one white. The total was $ 110, for 4 people, including 2 dessert, 2 espresso, 2 beer, and 1 lemonade, with tax and tip.

The brussel sprouts were perfect, crunchy on the outside, soft inside. The balsamico reduction and the speck were a perfect match.

The pears with burrata were also very good, the pears still with a little texture and the burrata soft and rich.

We decided on two pies, on red, with a tomato sauce, the other white.

The red pie came with soppressata, very thinly sliced, smoked and fresh mozzarella, and spinach. Baked at high temperature in the wood fired oven, with a little char and a thin, but chewy crust, exactly the way, I like it.

The second pie was even better, with thin sliced tomatoes, lots of rosemary, white cheddar, mozzarella, bacon and a soft cooked egg. The egg yolk was still runny, perfect.

This was my first visit here, but we will be back.

Vesta, 2022 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063

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